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Helladic galley

Cat. No.



LH IIIB (1330/15-1200-1190)


Pylos, trench W31



Fragment of a gold diadem with embossed decoration

Accession Number

Khora Archaeological Museum


Blegen et al 1973: fig. 108; Wachsmann 1998: 136, fig. 7.18; Wedde 2000: 330, no. 6006

Flat hulled ship facing left, with a vertical stempost ending in a zoomorphic figurehead with a recurved beak and a gently curving sternpost. The absence of a bow projection qualifies this example as belonging to Wedde's Type V. Parallels with later LH IIIC examples suggest this to be a hybrid creature rather than a bird.

Blegen, C. W., Rawson, M., Taylour, L. W. and Donovan, W. P. 1973. The Palace of Nestor at Pylos in Western Messenia. Vol. III. Acropolis and Lower Town. Tholoi, Grave Circle, and Chamber Tombs. Discoveries outside the Citadel. Princeton: Princeton University Press for the University of Cincinnati.

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